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research interests

cardiovascular health

The Chen group specializes in cardiovascular health for young and adult Hodgkin's lymphoma survivors as part of the Cardiovascular Clinic for Cancer Survivors, and treating cardiac symptoms of pediatric patients with periventricular nodular heterotopia (PVNH) through the Cardiovascular Clinic for Brain Development. Currently, the Chen group is investigating the late cardiac effects of radiation in cancer survivors.

genetics & genomics: filamin-a (FLNA)

Dr. Ming Hui Chen is the leading international expert in Filamin A mutations and associated diseases, utilizing cutting-edge genetics and genomics techniques to understand the clinical manifestations of Filamin A mutations in her patients. Filamin A (FLNA) is an X-linked gene that codes for a homodimeric protein which binds actin along with many other important cellular proteins. The Chen lab is pioneering the research behind these rare genetic mutations, which have been found in pediatric and adult patients with cardiovascular, neurological, pulmonary, and hematological abnormalities.

exercise stress echocardiography

Dr. Ming Hui Chen established the pediatric stress echocardiography program at Boston Children’s Hospital, one of the first of its kind and now the largest such program in the United States of America. Her experience starting an adult stress echocardiography program at BWH highlighted the importance of implementing such techniques for pediatric patients as well. The Chen lab is currently exploring the application and feasibility of exercise stress echocardiography across all populations.

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